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Online Payment Gateway Providers

Maximum Payment Options

  1. 6 Credit Cards
  2. 50+ Net Banking
  3. 90+ Debit Cards
  4. UPI
  5. 7+ Wallets
  6. 7+ Bank EMI

No need of physical documents.

Just upload the documents and enjoy ease of going live in 30 min.

Getting payment gateway solutions are the fast and secure way with most innovative digital payment technology for your business.

You can choose the best method for processing for financial transactions without any risk of losing money. You can integrate with maximum number of banks and payments for your clients including all major credit, debit cards IMPs and wallets facilities. We as payment gateway providers expect your customer to not leave the onboard page due to insecure payment or lack of payment methods.

A most innovative dashboard design to give you full control over payment reports.

Get access to real time data manage your settlement & reconciliation report on our single dashboard.

Access real time report of all successful, failed & pending payment options.

Grezpay payment analytics

We provide innovative real time statistical data with complate 360deg view of business performation.

Our inside full data proggramme help analytics performation which will help you to maximize your business potential.

Faster refund

Now no need to worry about refunds

Grezpay dashboad comes up with easy process that allows you to refund a payment with single click.

Manage all your refund, payments and reporting on a single platform.

Grezpay makes sure that your payments process goes hassle free with our sate of art technology.

"Just leave payments part to us and manage your product hassle free."

Same day settlement

No need to worry about late payouts.

Grezpay now come up with the fast payout process for the selected categories merchant to settle the money in Same day settlement.

Get the money next day in your account and manage your oreders without worries.

"Faster Payout + Faster Delivery + Happy Customers = Successful Bussiness"

International card acceptance

Have international customers ?

Just accept payment from domestic & international customers using single platform.

Some Features of the Best Payment Gateway Providers

The massive successes enjoyed by some e-commerce sites have paved the road for more of them to join the bandwagon and that has only strengthened to improve the industry and allied services. Among the major allied services, online payment gateway providers in India account for a huge chunk as payment has to be processed by businesses in real-time. There are some reputed names in the payment gateway business while some others have come up with inspiring and innovative solutions in recent times....

However, while selecting a Payment Gateway Company businesses must look out for some features in them that can be very helpful to conduct their operations smoothly. We discuss some of them over here so that wannabe online companies can get an insight on the same.

Availability of responsive site – Most people are hooked on to mobile and handheld devices these days and for any online business, it is important to ensure that they have a mobile-friendly site in place. It is also equally important to ensure that online payment gateway service providers have a mobile-friendly version with them that can help businesses to select them with ease. This way, customers of any business can stay connected and transact while on the go and much time and effort can be saved through the process.

Multiple payment options – There are a large number of electronic payment options that are easily available these days. E-wallets like Airtel Money, Ola Money and apps like Mobikwik and Paytm are very much used by many people due to the ease that they offer. Additionally, UPI along with the credit, debit cards, and net banking are also preferred by people. The best payment gateway providers generally provide access to all of them including international cards so that businesses can stay assured at all times and making a transaction on a site can be kid’s play for their customers.

Speed and transparency – The best payment gateway solutions usually attach a lot of importance to the speed of operation so that transaction can be completed fast and with much ease. It is a very important t aspect for any business so that once a transaction process is started by a customer it should get completed fast with the desired result. Transparency is also an issue that is very well-handled by the best names in this business. Businesses need transparency from payment gateway firms so that if any transaction fails to happen that should be documented.

Fast settlement of funds – The best online payment gateway service providers usually offer fast fund settlement to clients. The industry norm is (T+1) days and the reputed ones usually adhere to this unwritten rule and that’s what differentiates them from the rest. Fast fund settlement is highly desired because businesses need fund at all times and fast fund access can help in increasing their business potential.

These are some of the features that are provided by the best Payment Gateway service providers. Any business that is looking for this service should understand them so that making a selection can be easy and seamless and the whole online shopping experience of their customers can stay pleasurable at all times.